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The UK property market is a highly dynamic market influenced by many factors. There are huge differences in pricing and easiness to sell depending on where your property is located.

Midas Property Group (MPG) specialises in selling off-market properties. We have managed to build an extensive database of serious Investors and Developers who are always looking for new opportunities.

Selling your property off-market has many advantages and it is highly recommended. When you put your property on the market with Estate Agents, it kind of contaminates your property which will make it harder to sell. Most experienced Investors and Developers will not pay the asking price put on by Estate Agents because it's a given that most Estate Agents overvalue the property prices to allow room for negotiation.

However, when a property is off-market it is then considered an exclusive deal and if the numbers stack up, Investors and Developers will be happy to pay the asking price.

If you're looking for a very quick sale, then we recommend to sell your property through auction. Once the hammer goes down, the buyer is legally binded to buy the property and immediately pay 10% deposit. Completion will then follow within 28 days. Midas Property Group (MPG) works closely with some of the best Auction Houses and can assist you in achieving the best reserve price and making sure that your property gets sold for the best price.

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