• Ask The Property Entrepreneur ”Home And Away’ Discussing the effect of COVID-19 in the UK and overseas and how investors are adapting’

    21st May, 2020

  • Reverse Exit Strategy with Jay Howard and Midas Property Group

    21st May, 2020

  • Question and Answer with Vanish Patel

    13th May, 2020

  • Joint Venture workshop with Vanish Patel (Part 2)

    31st May, 2020

  • Joint Venture Workshop With Vanish Patel (May 2020)

    17th May, 2020

    Over the last 10 years Vanish Patel has helped 100’s of property investors locate private investors to enable them to accelerate the growth of their property businesses using his reliable 7-step joint venture system. On this workshop you will learn how to use Vanish Patel’s 7-step system to attract private investors to your property business.