Strategy workshop

Buy, Refurbish & Refinance

Live Training by Sam Fongho & Dolapo Oni

To explain how this strategy works, we have put together a series modules for these workshops to guide you.


There are 6 Modules that we will be covering these include

Module 1: Sourcing fundamentals

1) Fundamentals of property investing

2) Getting the investing mindset

3) 15 strategies to sourcing the right property

4) Sourcing funding for your deals

Module 2: Increasing value of your deals

1) Property investing strategies to add value

2) Deal Analysis

3) Maximising the value of your deals

Module 3: Modifying the property

1) How to select the right properties based on your strategy

2) Development & Refurbishment success tips

3) How to secure planning for your projects

Module 4: Presenting your property

1) How to stage your property to max value

2) Best staging tips for strategy

Module 5: Leasing your property

1) Best tips for securing tenants

2) Self managed or outsourcing the Lettings process (Pros & Cons)

3) Maintaining the property

Module 6: Extract the value From your deals

1) How to refinance your deals to extract the max value

2) Working out the cash ROI on each deal


Workshop Dates

Thursday 23 July 2020 12:30 PM

THURSDAY 30th July 2020

Saturday 01st August 2020

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About the event

Buy Refurbish Refinance

This is a fantastic strategy for those that just want to own a few properties perhaps to boost their income or as a pension plan for the future. However, if you’re looking at becoming a serious investor and want to grow a portfolio of 50 or 100 properties (or more), then there are other ways of doing buy to let that are far more effective and far more exciting.

What is Buy Refurbish Refinance Strategy ?

You purchase properties, undertake a refurbishment before refinancing them and recycle your money back out. By adding value to a property through refurbishment landlords are able to re-mortgage and recycle their original deposit to buy further properties.