Property Question Time

Auction House London

Auction House London invites you to the pre-auction panel event Property Question Time (PQT)


10:00 to 10:15 Networking & coffee

10:15 to 10:20 Introduction of Sponsors (90 secs each)

10:20 to 11:00 Presentation on How do the new tax changes affect Landlords and how to run a tax efficient recognised property business,

11:00 to 11:10 Summary of Property Related update from Last Budget

11:10 to 12:00 Question and Answers on all property related topics

12:00 to 18:00 Live Property Auction


Dr Gulammehdi Sumar & Aamir Safdar

Our joint keynote speakers have made a perfect transaction from their professional careers tofull time property development and investment.

Dr Gulammehdi Sumar a former Dentist and Aamir Safdar a former management Consultant.

Their story and partnership will be an inspiration to anyone in property investing and development or anyone currently in a corporate considering or in the midway in the transition to full-time property development/ investment.

Dr Gulammehdi Sumar

Dr Gulammehdi Sumar has been working as a dentist for 30 years now and has played a big part in the oral health of the community of Harrow.

He is heavily involved in charity work and raising awareness of various needs across the world. One of his important projects is providing mentorship for youths to empower them and make them financially independent. Dr Sumar is an avid public speaker, which you might pick up on pretty quickly when you meet him at Headstone Lane.

He can speak a wide variety of languages in addition to English, and converses fluently in Swedish, Urdu, Hindi, Gujrati and Swahili.

If there’s anywhere in the world he would like to be, it’s Zanzibar – heaven on earth.

Aamir Safdar

★Award Winning Property Investor & Developer ★ Public Speaker★ High end HMO’s ★ Entrepreneur ★ Multiple Business Owner ★ International Mentor

Capable of executing Mind-set shift, by using specialist knowledge and environment with clear strategies and plans following through with delivery of sustainable results.

Specialties:  Aamir can answer any Questions you might have on the following areas
Commercial Properties
High end HMOs
Lease Options
Creative Finance
Asset Protection

Arif Punjani


MatPlus Chartered Certified Accountants say they are accountants for all property investors / developer, those with a single property or just looking for advice on how to set up for their first investment.

The Senior Partner Arif Punjani is a proud Co-founder of Matplus Chartered Certified Accountants.  After acquiring double bachelor’s degree in accountancy, he went on to become the member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  He further developed his niche in Estate planning by gaining membership of The Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners along with The Association of Taxation Technicians.

Richard Bowser ( Property Investor News | Editor)

UK Budget Special! Richard will answer all your budget related questions.

As well as being a long-term landlord and property investor, Richard is the editor and founder of ‘Property Investor News‘ – the highly regarded monthly magazine for property investors, landlords and trade professionals – launched way back in 2002. Richard is a regular and sought after speaker at many property conferences, exhibitions and landlord events and attends almost every Baker Street Property Meet.

Jay Howard (Manager,  Auction House London)

Jay has been an active force within the property industry for the past 15 years, starting his professional career with a high street estate agent, moving into the world of property development, trust fund and asset management and most recently extending his knowledge and experience within the auction industry. Jay brings with him the benefit of three degrees (Psychology, Classics & Law) the knowledge of which adds significant value to his experience and understanding on an ongoing basis. Jay has been seeking to demystify the auction industry and make it far more approachable to a far wider audience. Jay is currently co-writing a book about property and property auctions, which he feels will add greater value to any property professionals investment strategy.

Jeremy Jacobs


Jeremy Jacobs is The Sales Rainmaker.

He started his sales career selling capital equipment over two decades ago. His calm, unruffled style benefits live events and the rich tone of his voice has earned him work in the advertising voice-over market for corporate video and radio. Now one of the UK’s “go to” corporate presenters and speakers, Jeremy runs workshops and mentors people on the thorny subject of business-to-business sales.

He encourages salespeople and business owners, with a variety of experience, to sell more by understanding how buyers’ minds work.


Jeremy’s authentic business edge and ability to motivate, entertain and educate means he is also in demand as a conference host at sales kick-off meetings and awards ceremonies.

Sam Fongho 

 Business Development Director of Midas Property Group.

Sam has over 15 years of property experience, he is now very recognised in the private property investment circles in London.   His areas of expertise include; Property Auctions, HMO, Property Development, Networking events, Service accommodation etc.

Sam advises many international clients on property investments in UK from simple residential investments to investments in developments. As well as advising on the buying and selling of property on behalf of clients Sam’s ethos is to provide excellent aftercare service.

Midas Property Group (MPG) is a property consultancy business based in North London.  MPG organise events for Landlords, Investors and Developer.

The events are organised in partnership with local London Boroughs, MPG has worked with the following Boroughs:

London Borough of Brent

London Borough of Harrow

London Borough of Barnet

London Borough of Havering

London Borough of Redbridge

London borough of Lamberth


MPG are also market leaders in property auctions.  MPG works a number of National Auction companies to dispose of assets for clients or support clients with acquisitions.

MPG runs one of the biggest regular daytime property and business Networking event in the UK.  This event is run in partnership with Auction House London.  See details on upcoming events.

Please, do not hesitate to contact MPG if you are considering selling or acquiring any type of properties or development sites across the UK.

Previous Panel Member :

– Dao Tran-Boyd

– Andrew Brown

– Bindar Dosanjh

– Colin Pace

– Toby Wilde

Here is a link to a video of the previous event :

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