Property Question Time – Alternative ways to source funding for Auction properties

Property Question Time with  Steffan Goold, Vanish Patel, Paul Pinder

Online zoom Wednesday 6th May 2020

9:30am- 11:45

Steffan Goold
Director at Beaufort Capital and Vice President of The Association of Property Lenders
Steffan commenced his career at Argo Group, a Lloyd’s of London underwriting syndicate before joining the real estate finance team at Bank of London and The Middle East (BLME). At BLME Steffan provided both investment and development

Paul Pinder – Solicitor
Having had international law firm training, I also advise on the usual pure commercial property dispute issues including security of tenure claims, drafting and advising on property notices, property sale and purchase contracts, rights of pre-emption, forfeiture /relief claims, party walls disputes, commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR) and the full spectrum of real estate insolvency work (including IVAs, bankruptcy, company administrations/ liquidations/ CVAs/ Bona Vacantia/ vesting orders/ disclaimer).

Vanish Patel –
Joint Venture Expert
Vanish has mentored a number of high achieving property investors over this period of time and has 30 years investing experience himself.

Vanish Patel started his journey towards financial independence in the summer of 2001 when he became a business angel