Introducing The World Of Property Auctions To Traditional Estate

Midas Property Group is pleased to announce the upcoming events starting on Monday 29th June.

Introducing the world of property auctions to traditional estate agents.

Estate agents learn and discover how property auctions work, plus the benefits of buying and selling properties for your investors at auction properties.

Thousands of properties are sold each year at auction. Auctions are a popular way for investors and buyers to find properties to do up and sell, they also attract mainstream buyers and sellers.

Learn with property auction expert Sam Fongho from Midas Property Group who has attended ALL the Auction House Auctions in London for the last 6 years.

This event will also include Guest Speaker David Sandeman of EIG Entrepreneur and founder of the innovative, pioneering company Essential Information Group (EIG)

Tickets are on sale now, please register your details, and apply for the tickets, and the zoom link will sent.

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