How To Master Property Investment Strategies with Investment Expert Sam Fongho, of Midas Property Group

How To Master Property Investment Strategies with Investment Expert Sam Fongho, of Midas Property Group

About this event

Looking at how to master property strategies in detail for the UK property market.

This Event will be hosted and presented by Property Investment Expert Sam Fongho of Midas Property Group

About this Webinar

In the property world, people employ dozens of strategies to turn bricks and mortar into stable, long term incomes, as well as shorter term cash gains.

Sam Fongho is now sharing these strategies in order to enable as many people as possible during this lockdown to profit from property investment

Property Investment Strategies we will be covering

  • Planning, everything you need to know about planning including the recent Planning Development(PD) rights
  • A detailed presentation on ALL property strategies including Buy 2 Let, HMO’s, Service Accommodation, Auction, Rent to Rent and many more
  • How to Buy and Sell at Property Auctions. Looking at Property Sourcing and Property Financing.
  • Explaining the importance of investing in properties.
  • Getting the most out of your current assets, analyzing your current / potential deals and looking at exit strategies.
  • Looking at a insight into Auction Legal Pack

What else is going to be covered

  • Exactly what is happening in the UK market right now
  • What is the biggest risk now and how to avoid it
  • How you can profit from this situation
  • What is going to happen at the end of 2021and the start of 2022
  • Why most investors will miss out on this
  • What is the very best strategy to be using right now
  • What steps do you need to take next

Sam Fongho

Business Development Director – Midas Property Group

Sam has over 15 years of property experience, he is now very recognized in the private property investment circles in London.   His areas of expertise include; Property Auctions, HMO, Property Development, Networking events, Service accommodation etc.

Sam advises many international clients on property investments in UK from simple residential investments to investments in developments. As well as advising on the buying and selling of property on behalf of clients Sam’s ethos is to provide excellent aftercare service. Midas Property Group (MPG) is a property consultancy business based in North London.  MPG organise events for Landlords, Investors and Developer.

The events are organised in partnership with local London Boroughs, MPG has worked with the following Boroughs:

  • London Borough of Brent
  • London Borough of Harrow
  • London Borough of Barnet
  • London Borough of Havering
  • London Borough of Redbridge
  • London borough of Lambeth

MPG are also market leaders in property auctions.  MPG works a number of National Auction companies to dispose of assets for clients or support clients with acquisitions.

If you are looking to buy or sell property or if you would like a free property value please contact us on 07454 753318