Alternative Investments with Chris Bovey and Midas Property Group

Join our virtual FREE event with Chris Bovey, Investments Director to learn more about Alternative Investment Opportunities in the U.K.

About this Event

Join our virtual FREE event with Chris Bovey, Investments Director to learn more about Alternative Investment Opportunities in the U.K.

About this Event

What is an Alternative Investment?

Investing in property can be both rewarding and bring a good yield, but the increasing challenges that face existing landlords and first time BTL buyers are leading many investors to look for an alternative way of investing in the UK property.


A clearly structured investment opportunity, with low entry levels, and fixed returns, including security trustees to short term flexibility, the Loan Note is a very affordable option.

Buying a property can be expensive and come with its own challenges, whereas a loan note allows you to benefit from the strength of the UK property market, and the company you buy through and its associated partners.

What Are Loan Notes ?

Property purchases, regardless of the area you purchase from in the UK, come at a cost, and a high initial deposit or full purchase price is required. If you then take into account a potential BTL mortgage, management fees, possible tenancy issues and other potential costs, the return on investment (ROI) levels decrease accordingly.

Loan notes come at a much lower investment level and allow the “armchair” investor to benefit from this.

Benefits of Loan Notes

Loan notes do not require any day-to-day involvement or action. You simply invest and sit back and receive the agreed returns.

There will be a detailed presentation on the benefits and how Loan Notes work during the event, by Chris Bovey

Who are Godwin Capital Investments

Godwin Group, a UK focused regional property development and investment business, is a well regarding name in the Midlands property market. Over the years Godwin Group has built an excellent reputation for professionalism, quality and delivery. The group operates from a Head Office in Birmingham with offices in Nottingham and London. Within the group sits Godwin Capital, the fundraising and investment arm, and Godwin Developments, the UK property arm.

So Why Should You Attend This Free Event Instead Of Going To Godwin Directly?

Great Question, well firstly this event will be hosted by Investment Director Chris Bovey, who has been investing in the property industry for over 15 years, from buy-to-let, overseas to alternative property related investments. Chris also has exclusive partnership agreement with Godwin for the past 4 years.

  1. Chris has worked in various regions of the UK and overseas in the industry (London, Manchester, Nottingham, Dubai, Spain and Africa)
  2. Any questions that you may have about Alternative Investments will be addressed by Chris during the LIVE virtual event.
  3. Chris has also worked with Midas Property Group for over 6 years bringing new opportunities to be part of their portfolio and head up the alternative investment side of our business.

Now that have some details about the Alternative Investments, we are offering the following FREE sessions, so now all you have to do is book your FREE ticket to either dates.This event is for everyone who would like to make alternative investments in the U.K. So if you are / or know someone who is interested in attending the event you can simply share this event or book for them.


Details will be sent out 24 hours before the event

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