• The 20th February 2020 Midas Property Evening Events with Adam Lawrence

    20th February, 2020

    Welcome to the Midas Property Evening Networking Event This informative property networking event will take place on the Thursday 19th March 2020 , at the Hilton Hotel Wembley This event is an opportunity for you to network and meet Landlords, developers, property investors and other property professionals. Keynote Speaker Adam Lawrence Property Landlord | Founding Member Partners in Property (PIP) Is Director of Garrison Property Services Ltd and multiple property investment holding vehicles, and a co-Founder of Partners in Property, a unique property community set up in 2017. He has masterminded the purchase of over 200 properties in the post-crash environment from when he started taking property more seriously as an investment class in 2011. His day to day time is spent on continuous improvement of the operation which has scaled into purchasing property for “armchair” investors who can use his knowledge, expertise, resources and team to have a portfolio built for them. Sam Fongho Business Development Director Sam has over 15 years of property experience, he is now very recognised in the private property investment circles in London. His areas of expertise include; Property Auctions, HMO, Property Development, Networking events, Service accommodation etc. Sponsors Interested in sponsoring our events please feel free to contact Midas Property Group 07413 041372

  • Ask The Property Entrepreneur – Launch Event The Westbury Mayfair

    20th February, 2020

    Welcome to "Ask The Property Entrepreneur", which is a series of events whereby members of the public including Property Investors, Property Developers, Property Management and Members of the community are invited to ask a Property Entrepreneur or a panel of Entrepreneurs any property question. The event is to take place at the Westbury Mayfair, a Luxury Collection Hotel, London Meet Ranjan Bhattacharya Real Estate Entrepreneur Is a seasoned property investor and developer. Over the last 25 years Ranjan has built an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial property in London. Ranjan is also senior partner in Fab Lets, a North London based lettings and property Management Company. Meet David Sandeman Entrepreneur |Managing Director & Founder of Essential Information Group, David has 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge of the industry and is much sought after as an industry expert to provide current industry comment on topical issues. Meet John Howard Property Expert | Property Developer John Howard is one of the most accomplished property developers, traders and investors in the UK today, with four decades of experience in the industry. John’s proficiency stems from the purchase and sale of over 3,500 houses, apartments and developments within the UK. Meet Richard Bowser Editor/MD of Property Investor News Richard Bowser is the editor of Property Investor News, the monthly magazine which he launched in 2002. He is an experienced landlord and property investor with rental properties in Durham and London. As the editor, Richard he has seen hundreds of property deals and has developed an instinct for what works, and more importantly what doesn’t and applies this as a Judge on the Annual Property Investor Awards panel. SPONSORS As one of the UK’s prominent independent bridging finance providers, Market Financial Solutions (MFS) provide a range of fast and flexible bridge loans to all our intermediaries and clients. We have the ability to lend bridging finance to our clients in a prompt and professional manner.

  • 12th February 2020 Property Question Time Keynote Speaker Lloyd Girardi

    12th February, 2020

    Auction House London invites you to the pre-auction panel event Property Question Time (PQT) Join Keynote Speaker Lloyd Girardi who will talking about transitioning from Buy to Let to Property Development, and how to scale up your Property Developments. The Property Question Time (PQT) This informative property networking event will take place on the 12 February 2020, at the Marriott Hotel Regents Park. Keynote Speaker Lloyd Girardi Property Developer | Author | Mentor Director at White Box Property Solutions Lloyds considers to be a very competitive person. As much as people say its the taking part that counts... he never really thought like that. His main philosophy is, if you are competing in something, whether it is sport or sales, being the best is key. Q&A Panellists Yassaman Assad Solicitor Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP Yasaman Asaad is a solicitor based in our West End office who specialises in residential and commercial property matters. She has a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of commercial & residential property on behalf of individuals, businesses and financial institutions. Stephanie Taylor Director of HMO Heaven and Rent 2 Rent Success. As well as her award-winning specialist HMO management business and hugely popular Rent 2 Rent Kickstarter Coaching Programme, Stephanie is actively expanding her owned portfolio in South Wales focusing on HMOs, multi-unit blocks and commercial conversions. Joel Stern CEO & Founder of THE SAM GROUP. Planning Specialist Joel Stern is the Founder of THE SAM GROUP. In 2013, Joel started working in the property industry, with an initial focus on property management and helping investors to find small projects. After a couple of years helping various clients with management and refurbishment, Joel understands that many property owners want to improve their property, either in terms of building and extending, or in terms of management and ROI. However, they don’t know where to start or have been burned in the past with bad experience. Richard Bowser Editor of Property Investor News™ Moderator Richard Bowser is the editor of Property Investor News™ magazine and over the last decade has regularly spelt out to investors the inherent risk of speculative investment strategies based on low yields and excessively high loan to value borrowing. Richard’s views are widely recognised and valued, most importantly of course by the thousands of regular subscribers to Property Investor News™ magazine. Organizers Midas Property Group www.midaspropertygroup.co.uk Sam Fongho Business Development Director of Midas Property Group Sam has over 15 years of property experience, he is now very recognised in the private property investment circles in London. His areas of expertise include; Property Auctions, HMO, Property Development, Networking events, Service accommodation etc. Midas Property Group (MPG) is a property consultancy business based in North London. MPG organise events for Landlords, Investors and Developer. MPG are also market leaders in property auctions. MPG works a number of National Auction companies to dispose of assets for clients or support clients with acquisitions. Auction House London Auction House London is the largest branch of the Auction House UK brand. Auction House holds more auctions annually than any other firm of auctioneers in the UK. Auction House London has grown year on year in its relatively short history to become one of the top 5 residential property auctioneers in the UK. We adopt a modern and dynamic approach to offering high quality auction facilities to both corporate and independent sellers and buyers. Sponsors About SAM Planning Services • Honesty – We tell you upfront what you will get and won’t get • Our site surveys are professional enough to be used for engineering drawings • We have 2 ex planning officers sourcing for us. They think how a council thinks which gives us the edge with planning applications. • We are personally invested and passionate about every project we take on. We will fight for you until your planning is approved, and we don’t charge for resubmissions.

  • 16th January – Midas Evening Event with Ian McBain & Saif Derzi

    16th January, 2020

    This informative property networking event will take place on the 16th January 2020, at the Holiday Inn Wembley. This event is an opportunity for you to network and meet Landlords, developers, property investors and other property professionals. As usual, we will have some fantastic local property businesses showcasing their products and services. If you would be interested in showcasing your business then please send an email to info@midaspropertygroup.co.uk or call 07413 041 372 for more information. So don’t miss out, come and join us for an informative and yet social evening. Keynote Speaker Ian McBain HMO Expert / Mentor Ian has a family property business with his Dad, and Sister. I live, work and invest in Southend, Essex. Our passion for property has grown to encompass different investment strategies and our enthusiasm for education has allowed us to create a successful and varied property portfolio. We have won several awards within the industry and now enjoy sharing our knowledge and helping others achieve their own goals. Specialising in Rent-to-Rent (R2R), Serviced Accommodation(SA), Houses of Multiple Occupants (HMO) and bespoke Refurbishments which attract both professional and corporate clients. With over 30 years of property investing, our strategies have been developed and tested in various markets, and we operate a successful portfolio focusing on R2R, HMO, SA, and Buy To Let highlighting our passion for quality Keynote Speaker Saif Derzi Director and founder of SDGB properties Saif Is the director and founder of SDGB properties. He has been investing in property since 2015 after becoming an accidental landlord, he now truly believes that property is the best asset class. After focusing on growing his own property portfolio of HMOs (houses of multiple occupation), he has gone on to joint venture with investors on commercial to residential conversion projects and also social housing projects. Saif’s background is in the pharmaceutical industry, however he wanted a change from the 9-5 work environment and the freedom of choice and flexibility to travel and spend time with family. This combined with his passion for preserving and restoring run down buildings and giving back to the community led to the formation of SDGB properties."

  • The HMO Escalator Workshop

    9th January, 2020

    "Learn how to start, scale, and systemise your HMO portfolio to make more money than you ever thought was possible. Whether you are new to HMOs or have a handful already. This unique event will help you to understand exactly what you need to systemise your business so that you can run your properties hands-free and grow your income exponentially. Many HMO investors make the mistake of getting too involved from the start and not implementing systems. This stunts their growth and limits their cash. We are here to teach you how you can run a business without having to do it all yourself. Using the latest online tools and systems, we will reveal to you how we run our businesses hands-free so that we can travel, spend time with our family and do other things that we love. "This event is for you if you're new to HMOs because you'll be starting on the right foot from the very beginning". We'll share with you some of our amazing case stories of people who are making thousands of pounds profit per month just from one property and teach you exactly how you can do this. It really isn't rocket science, but unless you know what you're doing, you could make some big mistakes that can be costly. So make sure you reserve your space now. We have an early bird option open until the 24th of December, but after that, you'll be paying double. Make sure you reserve your space now for the 9th of January, and bring a partner for half price. Places are limited to reserve your space now!'